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PRC 1200 WL

Hettich Lab Technology LED Plant Growth Chambers use an advanced LED lighting system to increase throughputs and decrease operations costs. Highly efficient LED lights deliver 100% homogeneous light at just 5 cm below the bulbs with 99.9% light coverage throughout the chamber, virtually eliminating dark corners for consistent results. LED lights also emit minimal heat, allowing for more usable space than tube-lighted plant growth chambers. The chambers are available with CO2, humidity, and temperature control.

• White coated stainless steel interior for max. light reflection
• Easy to clean stainless steel shelves
• Horizontal airflow pattern for maximum uniformity
• Low airflow intensity prevents dehydration and stress
• Simple on-site serviceability
• Easy installation (chamber fits through doorway fully assembled)

• Cooling, heating, humidification and CO2 - optional
• Ultrasonic humidifier - optional
• Dehumidification system - optional

• State of the art control system with touch screen
• Fully accessible web interface with LAN connection

• LED lighting is standard (TL tubes optional)
• Low heat output allows for maximum vertical plant growth
• 99.9% light coverage - no dark corners
• White LED light is 95% equivalent to full sunlight spectrum
• Adjustable LED-outfitted shelves for multiple configurations & maximum light distribution on every level
• Stable light intensity over the lifespan of the LED bulb
• LED light intensity does not diminish with temperature decrease (TL-tubes lose 8 µmol per °C decrease)
• Fully dimmable between 10 -100%

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Product Code Temp Range (All lights on):Interior Volume:Total Growth Area, Number of Shelves*:Exterior Dimensions H x W x D:LED Color/Spectrum:LED Light Intensity: Basket
PRC 1200 WL 10 – 45 °C34.1 ft3 (968 L)17.7 ft2 (1.65 m2 ), 3 shelves 80.7 x 31.6 x 50.9 in (2055 x 805 x 1295 mm)White / Spectrum is 95% sunlight compatible200, 400, or 1100 µmol
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