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Ventilated Enclosures

One-stop-solution for ventilated enclosures

  • Ventilated Enclosures are becoming more commonly used in laboratories where the high energy consumption and containment levels of a fume cupboard are not required for certain processes.
  • Ventilated Enclosures are more commonly used to house equipment and apparatus such as Rotary Evaporators where vapours may need to be extracted and the equipment is left for long periods of time without user interface.
  • TCS are able to offer standard Ventilated Enclosure solutions with a range of, horizontal, hinged, bi-folding and locking windows available with potential access on up to four sides of the enclosure.
  • The range of Ventilated Enclosures includes Robotic Enclosures, Weigh Stations, Powder Containment Enclosures, Clean Room Enclosures or other Bespoke Enclosures.
  • The Ventilated Enclosures could be either ducted or recirculation with ‘Safe Change’ HEPA filter options also available.

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