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Scientific Glassblowing

As one of the UK's leading glassware manufacturers, GPE has a sophisticated scientific glass factory located in Bedfordshire. Our glassblowers and engineers have produced special glass apparatus and components for a wide range of customers for over 50 years.

Custom Glassware

As you can see from our website we stock a large range of ready to go products, but should you require a more specialised solution we have the skills and expertise to be able to produce this.

Is it expensive to have custom glassware made?

The answer to this question is generally no. A standardised item you may find in a catalogue can just as easily be custom made to better suit your needs at a small additional fee. We offer free quotations so do not hesitate to send us over your designs for a price.

Can you make my order within a reasonable time frame?

Of course! Once we have discussed your product requirements, sketched out the design and confirmed all of the finer details we can get a quotation straight over to you.

Obviously, the first task is to establish exactly what you want to have made. You can start by sending a description, hand drawn sketch (you only need to include the basics), photos of an existing item or send a sample to us.

Dependant on the quantity needed, we will inform you on estimated delivery times when the order has been quoted. We have a large team on site and have the capacity to deal with large orders required to urgent deadlines. We still retain the flexibility and confidence to undertake challenging small projects beyond the capacities of other companies.

There is no cost or obligation in asking for a quotation.

OEM solutions for our customers

For many years we have produced OEM components for industrial manufacturers throughout the world. We approach any job, large or small, with the same enthusiasm, technical ability and attention to detail which goes into all our products.

Since opening our doors in 1962 we have developed our tools, machinery and technical knowledge significantly allowing us to improve our quality to the highest standard for our end users.

Looking for a prototype?

We understand that sometimes it might be necessary to have a prototype made to make sure your design will work efficiently. We can produce this for you and work with you to refine the product to meet your requirements and needs.