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Unichiller desktop
Unichiller 003-MPC  
# unichiller-003-mpc
Unichiller 006-H-MPC  
# unichiller-006-h-mpc
Unichiller 006-H-MPC plus  
# unichiller-006-h-mpc-plus
Unichiller 006-MPC  
# unichiller-006-mpc
Unichiller 006-MPC plus  
# unichiller-006-mpc-plus
Unichiller 006Tw-MPC  
# unichiller-006tw-mpc
Unichiller 006Tw-MPC plus  
# unichiller-006tw-mpc-plus
Unichiller 007-H-MPC  
# unichiller-007-h-mpc
Unichiller 007-H-MPC plus  
# unichiller-007-h-mpc-plus
Unichiller 007-MPC  
# unichiller-007-mpc
Unichiller 007-MPC plus  
# unichiller-007-mpc-plus
Unichiller 009Tw-MPC  
# unichiller-009tw-mpc
Unichiller 009Tw-MPC plus  
# unichiller-009tw-mpc-plus
Unichiller 010-H-MPC  
# unichiller-010-h-mpc
Unichiller 010-H-MPC plus  
# unichiller-010-h-mpc-plus
Unichiller 010-MPC  
# unichiller-010-mpc
Unichiller 010-MPC plus  
# unichiller-010-mpc-plus
Unichiller 012-H-MPC  
# unichiller-012-h-mpc
Unichiller 012-H-MPC plus  
# unichiller-012-h-mpc-plus
Unichiller 012-MPC  
# unichiller-012-mpc
Unichiller 012-MPC plus  
# unichiller-012-mpc-plus
Unichiller 012w-H-MPC  
# unichiller-012w-h-mpc
Unichiller 012w-H-MPC plus  
# unichiller-012w-h-mpc-plus
Unichiller 012w-MPC  
# unichiller-012w-mpc
Unichiller 012w-MPC plus  
# unichiller-012w-mpc-plus
Unichiller 015-H-MPC  
# unichiller-015-h-mpc
Unichiller 015-H-MPC plus  
# unichiller-015-h-mpc-plus
Unichiller 015-MPC  
# unichiller-015-mpc
Unichiller 015-MPC plus  
# unichiller-015-mpc-plus
Unichiller 015w-H-MPC  
# unichiller-015w-h-mpc
Unichiller 015w-H-MPC plus  
# unichiller-015w-h-mpc-plus
Unichiller 015w-MPC  
# unichiller-015w-mpc
Unichiller 015w-MPC plus  
# unichiller-015w-mpc-plus
Unichiller 022-H-MPC  
# unichiller-022-h-mpc
Unichiller 022-H-MPC plus  
# unichiller-022-h-mpc-plus
Unichiller 022-MPC  
# unichiller-022-mpc
Unichiller 022-MPC plus  
# unichiller-022-mpc-plus
Unichiller 022w-H-MPC  
# unichiller-022w-h-mpc
Unichiller 022w-H-MPC plus  
# unichiller-022w-h-mpc-plus
Unichiller 022w-MPC  
# unichiller-022w-mpc
Unichiller 022w-MPC plus  
# unichiller-022w-mpc-plus
Unichiller 025-H-MPC  
# unichiller-025-h-mpc
Unichiller 025-H-MPC plus  
# unichiller-025-h-mpc-plus
Unichiller 025-MPC  
# unichiller-025-mpc
Unichiller 025-MPC plus  
# unichiller-025-mpc-plus
Unichiller 025w-H-MPC  
# unichiller-025w-h-mpc
Unichiller 025w-H-MPC plus  
# unichiller-025w-h-mpc-plus
Unichiller 025w-MPC  
# unichiller-025w-mpc
Unichiller 025w-MPC plus  
# unichiller-025w-mpc-plus


New E3 Drying Cabinets

NEW E3 Drying Cabinets Our new Sustainable E3 range of glassware drying cabinets, now distributed by GPE Scientific are unique - first to market, energy efficient, safer and cheaper to run. Working with the University of Cambridge, the E3 is a novel, sustainable solution to glassware drying, In addition they’re much easier to use. The E3 drying cabinets are suitable for general purpose warming applications and drying glassware or instruments. All models in this range are fully insulated for improved efficiency and energy savings. Made from sheet steel finished in an easy to clean powder coated paint, with stainless steel interior. Fitted with adjustable shelf runners, removable chrome-plated wire grid shelves and ventilation outlet. Heated by Incoloy sheathed elements in the base of the unit. All units have toughened glass doors; 100 and 200 litre models have sliding doors and the 425 and 885 litre models have double-glazed hinged doors. The 425 and 885 litre models are fitted with lockable castors. Energy efficient, safe, sustainable. Low Energy and part of our NEW Sustainable Solutions Divsion Timer to automate shut down periods Fully insulated with adjustable vent cover Integral 7 Day time with display  Digital Controller with fixed over-temperature cut-out Adjustable shelf runners with removeable chrome shelves Lockable castors available on the 425 & 885 litre models Easy to clean powder coated body with toughened glass doors Benefits & Cost Savings: Low Energy consumption - >50% lower than traditional cabinets! Low heat output - reducing air conditioning costs Fully insulated - safer for the end user Easy, specific temperature controller  Integral programmable 7 day timer - on/off to reflect your needs Convection or fan - heat up time <1 hour
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