Desiccators, Polycarbonate

Clear polycarbonate desiccator having extra heavy walls to eliminate the danger of implosion. Desiccator will hold a vacuum of 740mm of Hg (29”) for a period of 24 hours. Space saving design of the desiccator dome provides maximum interior clearances, giving an average of 13% greater interior volume than hemispherical domes. The supplied polypropylene stopcock has a PTFE plug which turns easily, allowing a slow, gentle entrance of air to prevent unnecessary turbulence and crucible damage. Stopcock port accepts 1/4” I.D. tubing. Supplied complete with a neoprene o-ring unaffected by temperatures down to 0ºC. Polypropylene plate that is supplied with the desiccator is 1/8” thick with 1/8” perforations for air transfer. The plate rests on the retaining ledge of the bottom section and has a center hole for easy removal.


Product Code Product Description Quantity Quote Basket
CG-1226-10 Desiccator, Polycarbonate, Size A
CG-1226-11 Desiccator, Polycarbonate, Size B
CG-1226-12 Desiccator, Polycarbonate, Size C
CG-1226-20 Cartridge, Desiccant, Size A, 114mm
CG-1226-21 Cartridge, Desiccant, Size B, 197mm
CG-1226-22 Cartridge, Desiccant, Size C, 238mm
CG-1226-15 Desiccator, Polycarbonate, Size D


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