Graphite Octagonal Reamers

Graphite Octagonal Reamer made of high quality graphite machined to have a taper that is used to flare out tubing. This extra large model features a solid oak wooden handle.


Product Code Product Description Quantity Quote Basket
99-1248 40mm tapering to 20mm, Larger Wood Handle
99-1253 12mm tapering to 2mm
99-1254 25mm tapering to 10mm
99-1246 12mm tapering to 2mm, Long Handle
99-1247 25mm tapering to 10mm, Long Handle
99-1268 Replacement Graphite Only 40mm to 20mm
99-1263 Replacement Graphite Only 12mm to 2mm
99-1264 Replacement Graphite Only 25mm to 10mm
File Type File Name Date Added Download File Group Download
Wale Apparatus Catalogue 12 February 2024 2.7MB


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