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Intergrally molded cubic box design enabling outstanding vacuum capability with virtually no leakage and exceptional durability.

Desiccator Features:
· Maximum vacuum of 1 Torr(1.33x10(-4) Mpa) for 72 hours
· Greaseless airtight vacuum seal using high quality silicon gasket
· Highly transpart, shatter-proof, non-corrosive, and easy to clean polycarbonate (PC) construction
· Convenient three-way stopcock providing consistent and uniform vacuum draw, vacuum release or shutoff. Vacuum connection has an O.D. of 9.5mm
· Maximized ultilzation of internal space using maxmium four to six shelves depending on the size unit
· Stackable space-saving design allowing efficient usage of camped lab space
· A standard vacuum gauge is attached to the front door of the united for easy managing the vacuum levels. The gauge range is 0 to -0.1 Mpa
· Four built-in ports allowing easy attachment of various accessories

Please Note: Vacuum Desiccators are also available in amber UV Blocking Models.
Name / Number Specification Basket
CG-1225-J-01 Vacuum Desiccator, 0.8 Cu Ft, Clear
CG-1225-J-02 Vacuum Desiccator, 1.2 Cu Ft, Clear
CG-1225-J-03 Vacuum Desiccator, 1.6 Cu Ft, Clear
CG-1225-J-20 Replacement Perforated Shelf for CG-1225-J Vacuum Desiccators
CG-1225-J-21 Drying Agent Tray for CG-1225-J Vacuum Desiccators
CG-1225-J-22 Analog Vacuum Gauge, 0 to -0.1 Mpa, for CG-1225-J Vacuum Desiccators
CG-1225-J-23 3-Way Stopcock, 9.5mm Connections, for CG-1225-J Vacuum Desiccators
CG-1225-J-30 Replacement Silicone Seal for CG-1225-J-01
CG-1225-J-31 Replacement Silicone Seal for CG-1225-J-02
CG-1225-J-32 Replacement Silicone Seal for CG-1225-J-03


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