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Pyrex ® or Duran® borosilicate plate glass. The 1/16in, 1/8in and 1/4in thick plates have edges that are cut and swiped. The 1/2in thick and over have ground edges.
Name / Number Specification Basket
CG-1904-01 2in X 2in X 1/8
CG-1904-02 2in X 2in X 1/4
CG-1904-06 3in X 3in X 1/8
CG-1904-07 3in X 3in X 1/4
CG-1904-11 4in X 4in X 1/8
CG-1904-12 4in X 4in X 1/4
CG-1904-16 6in X 6in X 1/8
CG-1904-17 6in X 6in X 1/4
CG-1904-18 6in X 6in X 1/2
CG-1904-21 8in X 8in X 1/8
CG-1904-22 8in X 8in X 1/4
CG-1904-26 10in X 10in X 1/8
CG-1904-27 10in X 10in X 1/4
CG-1904-31 12in X 12in X 1/8
CG-1904-32 12in X 12in X 1/4
CG-1904-36 2in X 2in X 1/16
CG-1904-37 3in X 3in X 1/16
CG-1904-38 4in X 4in X 1/16
CG-1904-39 6in X 6in X 1/16
CG-1904-40 8in X 8in X 1/16
CG-1904-41 10in X 10in X 1/16
CG-1904-42 12in X 12in X 1/16


Genlab E3 Drying Cabinets

State of the art design, energy efficient, safe and sustainable - Forget traditional energy inefficient, costly to run drying cabinets. Genlab’s new E3 range of glassware drying cabinets, now distributed by GPE are unique - first to market, energy efficient, safer and cheaper to run. Working with the University of Cambridge, Genlab has developed a novel, sustainable solution, to glassware drying. In addition they’re much easier to use. Timer to automate shut down periods Fully insulated with adjustable vent cover Integral 7 Day time with display  Digital Controller with fixed over-temperature cut-out Adjustable shelf runners with removeable chrome shelves Lockable castors available on the 425 & 885 litre models Easy to clean powder coated body with toughened glass doors Benefits & Cost Savings: Low Energy consumption - >50% lower than traditional cabinets! Low heat output - reducing air conditioning costs Fully insulated - safer for the end user Easy, specific temperature controller  Integral programmable 7 day timer - on/off to reflect your needs Convection or fan - heat up time <1 hour
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