Genlab E3 Drying Cabinets

Our market leading brand for scientifically developed, cutting edge, sustainable, eco-friendly products.

Genlab's new E3 range of glassware drying cabinets are energy efficient, safer and economic to run. Working with the University of Cambridge, we developed units that represent a novel, sustainable solution to glassware drying. The feature our latest touch screen control system, which offer intuitive control and excellent accuracies with bespoke firmware for energy saving control, including adjustable automatic on/off times.

  • Temperature range 30.0 to 80.0ºC
  • Integral 7 day timer with touch screen digital control
  • Fully insulated with adjustable vent cover
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Manual or automatic overheat reset
  • On screen historical trending (48 hours)
  • Lockable castors on the 425 and 885 litre models
  • Low energy consumption - More than 50% lower to traditional cabinets
  • Low heat output - reducing air conditioning cost
  • High accuracy Pt100B duplex sensors <0.8ºC
  • Excellent stabilty <+/- 0.6ºC
  • Audible warnings
  • Access ports (25, 50, 75 or 100mm)
  • Traceable calibration to national standards
  • Bespoke stands and stacking kits
  • Wall mounting brackets (100 and 200 versions only)
  • Extractor unit
  • Extended warranty
  • Bespoke solutions available upon request

The exterior is constructed from sheet steel finished in an easy clean powder coated paint. The interior chamber is made from 304 stainless steel and all units have high density insulation. The 100 and 200 litre models have sliding glass doors and the 425 and 885 litre models have double glazed hinged doors.

Heated by Incoloy sheathed elements which are positioned in the lower chamber and covered with 304 stainless steel guard.

The control system comprises of a bespoke touch screen interface that offers both accurate temperature control and integral overheat system by using 2 individual Pt100 sensors. The cabinets automatically turn on and off (up to two times per day) with boost and extended functions available outside of the set times. Oven trending is displayed for up to 48 hours.


Product Code Product Description Capacity (L) Maximum Temperature (°C) Internal Dimensions (mm) External Dimensions (mm) Maximum power consumption (W) Energy Consumption (kWh/day @ 75°C) Convection Type Quantity Quote Basket
E3DWC100/N Genlab 100L Natural Convection Drying Cabinet 100 80 670x370x400 740x420x660 500 5.56 Natural Convection
E3DWC100/F Genlab 100L Fan Circulated Drying Cabinet 100 80 670x370x400 740x420x660 500 8.35 Fan Circulated
E3DWC200/N Genlab 200L Natural Convection Drying Cabinet 200 80 930x450x490 1000x500x770 750 8.65 Natural Convection
E3DWC200/F Genlab 200L Fan Circulated Drying Cabinet 200 80 930x450x490 1000x500x770 750 12.97 Fan Circulated
E3DWC425/N Genlab 425L Natural Convection Drying Cabinet 425 80 530x590x1350 600x650x1755 1750 13.27 Natural Convection
E3DWC425/F Genlab 425L Fan Circulated Drying Cabinet 425 80 530x590x1350 600x650x1755 1750 18.32 Fan Circulated
E3DWC885/F Genlab 885L Fan Circulated Drying Cabinet 885 80 1110x590x1350 1180x650x1755 2500 27.18 Fan Circulated
File Type File Name Date Added Download File Group Download
E3 Drying Cabinet Brochure 12 February 2024 1.5MB


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