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Wide mouth design facilitates mixing, pipette access, sampling and filling. Unique Flat Bottom Interior permits the use of a standard stir bar. Large permanent white letters make the capacity clearly visible. Flasks are calibrated "To Contain" at Class A tolerances, per ASTM E288 specifications.  Supplied complete with a CG-8740 Polyethylene stopper.   PLEASE NOTE:  VOLUMETRIC FLASK CAPACITIES OF 20mL, 500mL, 1000mL, and 2L SHOWN IN BOLD ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE ASTM E288 SPECIFICATIONS.  HOWEVER, FLASKS ARE CALIBRATED TO CLASS A TOLERANCES 
Name / Number Specification Basket
CG-1619-05 5 +/- 0.08mL Capacity, #13 Stopper Size, Approx 90mm Height with Stopper
CG-1619-10 10 +/- 0.08mL Capacity, #13 Stopper Size, Approx 95mm Height with Stopper
CG-1619-25 25 +/- 0.08mL Capacity, #13 Stopper Size, Approx 130mm Height with Stopper
CG-1619-50 50 +/- 0.08mL Capacity, #13 Stopper Size, Approx 150mm Height with Stopper
CG-1619-100 100 +/- 0.10mL Capacity, #16 Stopper Size, Approx 180mm Height with Stopper
CG-1619-200 200 +/- 0.12mL Capacity, #19 Stopper Size, Approx 200mm Height with Stopper
CG-1619-250 250 +/- 0.20mL Capacity, #19 Stopper Size, Approx 210mm Height with Stopper
CG-1619-20 20 +/- 0.08mL Capacity, #13 Stopper Size, Approx 130mm Height with Stopper
CG-1619-500 500 +/- 0.20mL Capacity, #19 Stopper Size, Approx 285mm Height with Stopper
CG-1619-1L 1000 +/- 0.30mL Capacity, #22 Stopper Size, Approx 350mm Height with Stopper
CG-1619-2L 2000 +/- 0.50mL Capacity, #27 Stopper Size, Approx 380mm Height with Stopper


Genlab E3 Drying Cabinets

NEW E3 Drying Cabinets Energy efficient, safe, sustainable. Low Energy and part of our NEW Sustainable Solutions portfolio State of the art designEnergy efficient, safe and sustainable - Forget traditional energy inefficient, costly to run drying cabinets. Genlab’s new E3 range of glassware drying cabinets, now distributed by GPE are unique - first to market, energy efficient, safer and cheaper to run. Working with the University of Cambridge, Genlab has developed a novel, sustainable solution, to glassware drying. In addition they’re much easier to use. Timer to automate shut down periods Fully insulated with adjustable vent cover Integral 7 Day time with display  Digital Controller with fixed over-temperature cut-out Adjustable shelf runners with removeable chrome shelves Lockable castors available on the 425 & 885 litre models Easy to clean powder coated body with toughened glass doors Benefits & Cost Savings: Low Energy consumption - >50% lower than traditional cabinets! Low heat output - reducing air conditioning costs Fully insulated - safer for the end user Easy, specific temperature controller  Integral programmable 7 day timer - on/off to reflect your needs Convection or fan - heat up time <1 hour Have a look over our infographic to see the savings you'll make!
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