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Complete Bio Reactor Accessory Kit

Single Use Bio Reactor Accessory Kits

This pre-fabricated, single-use bio reactor kit consists of the 8 components listed. They are packed in an ISO Class 7 clean room, double bagged and ready for use. Kits are fabricated with full traceability and accompanying validation documentation, which meets USP Class VI requirements. These pre-assembled kits can be customized to any validated components currently specified on your bio reactor design.


• Minimize Labour Costs

• Eliminates Cleaning Validation

• Reduces Set up Time and Costs

Pre-Fabricated Assemblies:

• Minimize Injuries associated with cutting in-house

• Improved consistency

Offers Closed System:

• Gives the ability to assemble in Open Lab type Environment

• Provides aseptic solution to close off an unused line

Name / Number Includes Basket
CLS-1390-01 Media Inlet Line Assembly, Sparger Line Assembly, Condenser Vent Line Assembly, Sample Line Assembly, Overlay Gas Assembly, Tri Port Assembly


MicroJet Autoclave

  The modern Microjet Personal Microwave Autoclave has a space saving, benchtop design. One of the main USP's of the Microjet is its fast sterilisation process; owing to the application of "Direct Energy Transfer technology". The “Direct Energy Transfer technology” is a revolutionary process which utilises microwave automation, instead of the traditional 'pressure cooker' approach.   Microjet Personal Microwave Autoclave Benefits:   It only takes 7 minutes* to sterilise (5 times faster than traditional sterilisation) Operation of the autoclave is intuitive, it does not require additional training Touchscreen Technology: The modern design of the autoclave means all functions are touchscreen operated. To improve lab efficiency, the Microjet includes modern functionalities, including real-time monitoring of the sterilisation progress Liquid media such as microbiological media, buffer solutions, carbohydrate solutions or water can be sterilised in standard laboratory vessels of 100 to 500 ml capacity  Temperature resistant up to 135°C (glass or plastic – PMP, PP, PTFE, FEP) Each operation is automatically stored on a Micro SD card As the data is stored in a format compatible with GLP, it can be copied to any PC and read using the inclusive ENBIO Data Viewer software. Competitively Priced 2 year warranty * based on using a 150ml volume Duran bottle   Microjet Personal Microwave Autoclave Specifications:   Sterilisation temperature: 135°C Exposure time to process temperature: 25 s Heating time: 1-5 min Cooling time: 4-12 min Total process duration: 7-15 min Power supply: 230 V/50-60Hz Power output: 0,95 kW Maximum power consumption: 8 A Operating pressure: 3,4 bar Weight: 15 kg Dimensions: 280 x 280 x 427 mm Process chamber capacity: 2 dm3 EM wave frequency: 2450 MHz Protection: IP 20 Data Logging: micro SD card  
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