50L "Squatty" Jacketed Process Reactors

50L Squatty, Low Profile, glass reactor system with 400mm flange, on our innovative Kwik Mount support frame. 

  • More Clearance: 50L Squatty Glass Reactor System with 400mm Flange Maximizes Clearance Under The Drain Valve 
  • Wider Access: 400mm ID Flange Provides Wider Access For Insertion or Probes, Baffles and Other Accessories without Interfering with Agitators 
  • Heavy Duty 2" Diameter Solid Stainless Steel Uprights and Heavy Duty PTFE Coated Aluminum Fittings Provide Maximum Strength and Chemical Durability 
  • Digital Temperature Monitor 
  • Heavy Duty Chemically Resistant Frame: Universal Motor Mount for Electric, Air, or XP Motors: Design Provides Greater Accessibility 
  • Electric Motor and Controller: Electric and XP Motor has Separate Controller with Digital Display 
  • Reactor Jacket Graduation Scale on Both Sides 
  • Large Detachable Drain: 3" Beaded Pipe Zero Dead Space Detachable Drain Valve has Knob With Laser Etched Directional Arrows for Open and Close 
  • 7-Neck 400mm Inside Diameter Lid with Large 80mm Powder Addition Port 
  • Reactor Support Plate Holds Reactor Securely and Allows Easy Installation/Removal
  • Pressure Relief Manifold System: Optional CG-1969-M High Flow Pressure Relief Manifold System with Insulated Hoses and Bulkhead Fittings
  • Mobile: Large Swivel Casters with Locking Mechanisms


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CG-1968-W651 50L Process Reactor System, Squatty, Cylindrical, Jacketed, Glass, 400mm Flange, Brushless DC Electric Motor
CG-1968-T-50 Large Zero Dead Space Drain Valve, 3" Beaded Pipe, Complete, Standard, 1-1/2" Beaded Pipe Side Arm
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50L Squatty Jacketed Process Reactor Overview, Chemglass 12 February 2024 421KB


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