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The Vacuubrand Bus is touring the UK! (In partnership with GPE)

In a "rolling laboratory" you can experience pumps, pumping units and gauges that you may have previously seen only in ads - see, feel and hear them. Also you can become acquainted with the technology and quality of VACUUBRAND products with cut-away models. 

Why should I attend?

A special tour discount will be available on all Vacuubrand products, exclusive only to people attending the tour and visiting the bus. 

Exhibition Dates:

Queen Mary University - 23rd May
Imperial Kensington Campus - 24th May
Oxford University - 25th May
Warwick University - AM 26th May
Birmingham University - PM 26th May 
Edinburgh University - 31st May
St Andrews University - 1st June
Heriot-Watt University - AM 2nd June
Manchester University - 3rd June