Testimonial of the Nanalysis 60 MHz bench top NMR Spectrometer

Testimonial of the Nanalysis 60 MHz bench top NMR Spectrometer - From Kings College London - Long term review

"Kings Chemistry Teaching Labs purchased the Nanalysis 60 MHz bench top NMR back in 2013 and over the years it has become an integral part of the laboratory programme. Undergraduate students typically run both their starting materials and products for the majority of their synthesis experiments.  The frequent use and in lab data analysis means NMR interpretation becomes second nature to our students by the time they reach year 3.

In addition to Undergraduate teaching we also use the NMR as part of our spectroscopy outreach event which is aimed at giving external groups of year 12 and year 13 students an introduction and practical experience of spectroscopic techniques. This is very successful event that we run once a year and have received excellent feedback from the schools and students.

Besides teaching the 60 MHz NMR has also been used by various research groups within chemistry and pharmacy who are particularly interested in the possible portable nature of the NMR and its application in quality control.

The instrument itself is very easy to use with students requiring minimal training before they can use the NMR independently.  The run time for each spectra is very short so even with only one instrument in the department we very rarely have students waiting to run their samples.

Day to day very little maintained or set up is required; the front filter may need changing from time to time but this is very easy to do and the instrument notifies you of when this needs to be done.

The NMR itself is very reliable and when left shimming in standby mode is always ready to use.  On the few occasions when things do go wrong the team in Calgary are always happy to connect remotely to the instrument and fix any problems they find.

Overall I am very happy with the purchase of this instrument and the ongoing support given by Nanalysis and GPE Scientific. 

I would specifically recommend this instrument to undergraduate teaching labs as it really does show the students the value of NMR in chemical synthesis."

Melissa Edmondson - Teaching Technician

We would like to thank Kings Chemistry Teaching Laboratories for providing the valuable feedback

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