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Sustainability in your Laboratory - From GPE Scientific

Sustainability in your Laboratory - From GPE Scientific

GPE is working hard to build a product portfolio that will make your laboratory more energy efficient.

So you dont have too, GPE has spent a lot of time and energy sourcing products from around the globe to bring you the very best equipment for your laboratory. We talk to manufacturers, get involved in the design element and bring to you an ever growing selection of energy efficient products.

By making a number of small changes, we can have a big impact by minimising waste, reducing energy usage, using equipment more efficiently all add to a healthier environment and savings for you.

The E3 Drying Cabinet is perhaps our best example, being one of our best selling products - The design of a typical drying cabinet was overhauled, given a modern make over with new but simple updates and the outcome is quite amazing - it is now saving laboratories money all over the UK.

Officially - GPE Scientific are now the number #1 supplier of Genlab E3 drying cabinets in the U.K