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Hettich Benelux Plant Growth Cabinets - Available exclusively from GPE Scientific

Hettich Benelux Plant Research Cabinets (PRC) use a dimmable, broad spectrum white LED lighting system to increase throughputs and decrease operation costs.In addition to the white LEDs, far red LED can also be used. Their highly efficient LED lights deliver uniform lighting throughout the chamber and virtually eliminate dark corners for consistent results. The LED lights also emit minimal heat, allowing for more usable chamber space than tube-lighted plant growth chambers.

Advanced LED lighting

Advanced LED lighting

Unique LED grid layout with adjustable LED outfitted shelves provides 100% homogeneous white light throughout chamber for maximum growth and efficiency.

broad spectrum white LED lighting system

Broad spectrum white LED lighting system

  • 100% PAR light spectrum
  • Stable light intensity through LED lifespan
  • 200, 400 or 1100 µmol
  • Independent switchable far-red lighting
  • Low heat output for growth up to 5cm below LED
  • Fully dimmable between 10–100%
Hettich PRC 3200 plant research cabinet

The Chamber

Ergonomic design makes chamber easy to install, service, access and clean.

  • White-coated interior doors for maximum light reflection
  • Stainless steel floor with drain & hose
  • Units fit through standard doorway fully assembled
  • Easy-access service compartment

Plant Research Cabinet Features

Sunlight - The Plant Growth Cabinets use adjustable, broad spectrum white LEDS that are close to the light spectrum of sunlight. In addition to the white LEDs, far red LED lighting can also be switched on.

Homogeneous / reproducible light - Due to the distribution of the LED lighting over the entire lighting surface and the use of  specially selected LEDs, homogeneous lighting can be guaranteed at 31 mm (91 mm at 1100 µMol) of the light shelf. The white colored stainless steel interior also contributes to excellent light distribution.

Light intensity of choice - The plant growth cabinets (WL series) are available with the following light intensities: 200 µMol, 400 µMol, 1100 µMol. Switching on and off far red LED lighting is also possible.

The SL version is available with standard 200 µMol and optional 400 µMol. The LED lighting is dimmable from 100% to 10% with all plant growing cabinets. With the 1700 WL and 3200 WL models, ramping of the light is possible.

An important advantage of LED lighting is that their light intensity does not decrease with decrease of temperature.

Low energy consumption - By using energy-efficient LEDs, optional ultrasonic humidifiers and optimising temperature control, the climate chambers have a very  low energy consumption.

Growth height and area - The standard models (WL) have 1, 2 or 3 height-adjustable LED shelves which can be dimmed independently of each other. In each model the height between the LED lighting and the shelf can be set between 40 – 50 centimeters (when using 3 light shelves).

In the 1200 SL (side light) model the lighting is on both sides and a total of 15 shelves with a total surface area of 9 m² can be placed.

Full access - The PRC1700 does not have a central door pillar. This allows full access to the whole shelf area of the climate chamber.

Accurate climate control - The climate system in the plant growth cabinets guarantee a stable and homogenous temperature, humidity and/or CO2 environment. Independent cooling and heating (humidifier and CO2 subsystems optional) are included and regulated by a high-quality control system. This gives a high degree of flexibility, control and setting of the environmental parameters.

There is a low air velocity in the cabinets, which results in less drying out of the plants.

Touchscreen controller - All plant growth chambers have a data recording function (for temperature and humidity) and a touch screen controller on which temperature and light are programmable. Optional: humidity and CO2 control.

Network - The controller can be connected to the internet via a LAN connection, located at the rear of the cabinet and accessible through an access port.

The chamber has an unique IP address for Silverlight (browser). The user can monitor the entire process and parameters from a distance. Day-night monitoring, times, light-dimming per platform, data logging (optional) and temperature, humidification and CO2 settings are easilty programmable; either remotely via a LAN connection or directly on the cabinet. This gives the control system an easy-to-use, user-friendly configuration.


LED Plant Research Cabinet Models

Hettich PRC 1200 plant research cabinet open

PRC 1200 WL

Internal Volume (L): 968

Learn more

Hettich PRC 1200 plant research cabinet

PRC 1200 SL

Internal Volume (L): 968

Learn more


Hettich PRC 1700 plant research cabinet

PRC 1700 WL

Internal Volume (L): 1466

Learn more

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