NORELL Secure Series

We are pleased to introduce the newest innovation in 5mm and 3mm OD NMR tubes and closures:
The NORELL® Secure Series™ line of NMR tubes
The Secure Series™ NMR tubes feature several Patent Pending design elements that add a superior level of sample containment and isolation, safeguarding the integrity of precious or critical NMR samples and assuring secure retention of the NMR tube in the spinner turbine.
  • The edge of the Security Band™ also denotes a stop position for partial, temporary cap placement, allowing quick and easy access to the NMR tube.
  • Our patent pending proprietary surface treatment with a unique texture ensures precise and positive retention in Bruker, Agilent/Varian and Jeol spinner turbines.
  • Our patent pending marking or label area also functions as a clear visual indicator, defining the limit for full and complete closure with the NorLoc II Security Cap™.
  • The Secure Series NMR tubes remain completely compatible with standard, classic NMR tube caps in both 5mm and 3mm sizes.

NorLoc Generation II Security Cap

NorLoc II Security Caps feature an internal patent pending Security Seal™ that provides superior hermetic sealing capability on all 5mm and 3mm NMR tubes.
Our NorLoc II Security Cap™ requires much less force to place on and remove from an NMR tube, thereby greatly advancing the level of safety when capping NMR tubes.
When combined with our Secure Series™ or other NORELL® NMR tubes, the Security Band™ and Security Seal™ interlock to form a positive physical restraint system, preventing tube and cap separation, especially with troublesome NMR solvents such as chloroform-d

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