Customers can now programmatically interact with NMReady spectrometers via an open application programmatic interface (API). There are currently two ways to communicate with a spectrometer: using Microsoft .NET or the JSON data-interchange format.

The NMReady-CONNECT NMR spectrometer API provides the capability to:

 Setup, launch and monitor experiments

 retrieve results in JCAMP-DX format

 monitor instruments performance

 manage auto-shimming and routine maintenance routines


The NMReady-CONNECT NMR spectrometer API provides valuable data about an instrument’s performance and allows the user to setup, launch, and monitor spectroscopy experiments automatically. Results are delivered in JCAMP-DX format for easy interpretation of infrared spectra data and cross application usability. NMR machine maintenance is also managed with the NMReady-CONNECT, making routine upkeep simple and automated.

Some completed examples of NMReady-CONNECT NMR API:

  1. Integrate and run NMReady spectrometers through LabVIEW

  2. Create customized teaching tools

  3. Setup reaction monitoring with our flow product

  4. Create custom red light/green light QA/QC inquires

If you would like further information about using NMReady-CONNECT spectrometer API, please contact us.

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