NEW PRODUCT - Nanalysis presents the AUTOsample-60

The AUTOsample-60 is a top mounting autosampler that is compatible with any NMReady-60e or 60PRO benchtop NMR spectrometer. This allows for painless interconversion between autosampler and manual modes, while still maintaining the notably minimal footprint. Data acquisition and processing is controlled via the onboard software.

The Autosample-60 allows users to:

  •  Maximize efficiency by improving throughput during or after work hours
  •  Run a series of 1D experiments or set up basic structural elucidation routines (e.g., 1H, COSY, HSQC, DEPT-135, 13C{1H} etc.)
  •  Acquire and save data automatically
  •  Integrate the NMReady into a centralized laboratory system

Simple Operation:

  • The Autosampler uses basic onboard NMReady software
  • Can configure up to 25 tubes at once
  • Run a series of 1D experiments or set up basic structural elucidation routines (e.g., 1H, COSY, HSQC, DEPT-135, etc.)
  • Allows for automatic shimming routines as is required

Easy to Install:

  • Sturdy, no-slip base mounts easily on top of spectrometer top cap
  • NMR tubes can be loaded onto carousel on spectrometer or off via interchangeable 25 carousels
  • Carousels can be loaded on or off the spectrometer

Safe, Accurate and Fast:

  • Robust and reliable tube changes ensure safety and accuracy
  • Tube changes take approximately 10 sec
  • If desired, samples can be tempered in heating station before introduced to spectrometer


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