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Monitoring Made Easy

KoolZone provides one of the most advanced real-time monitoring systems, for refrigeration and many other critical control points required for a wide range of industries including, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Health Care.

It makes monitoring easy, addressing various needs including real-time data capture for compliance, quality, safety and timely information for our customers.


The system has limitless scalability of sensors and users, and the KoolZone platform includes Dashboard, Reports, Graphs, Maps, Floor Plans, Customisable Views, Alarm Event Management, Activity Tracking and more, all presented in the most user friendly, intuitive manner.

From keeping food and drinks at the right temperature, to monitoring cryogenic freezers at minus 196°C and commercial ovens at over 300°C, as well as the careful storage of medicines and laboratory stocks within safety parameters, KoolZone ensures a consistent stream of accurate real-time critical data.

The Sensors


KoolZone provides all range of sensors of different shapes and sizes for monitoring a wide range of parameters:

Temperature - KoolZone temperature sensors are a LoRaWAN based sensor suitable for temperature operation from -200°C to +300°C. Devices are offered with a range of calibration options to suit different application.

Some applications are:

  • Industrial or domestic Fridges and Freezers that operates at temperatures below 15°C and above -35°C.
  • Ovens or other systems that need to operate at temperatures above 100°C and below 350°C
  • Liquid nitrogen monitoring in biotech and medical applications or any other systems that need to operate at temperatures below -100°C and above -200°C.
  • Biotech and medical deepfreezes or any other systems that need to operate at temperatures below -30°C and above -100°C.
  • Accuracy +/- 0.5°C
  • 3-5 Years Battery Life
  • Plug & Play
  • Wireless or Cellular Connection
  • Surface Thermometer & Food Probe
  • The KoolZone Bluetooth Thermometer has interchangeable probes. The unit transmits temperature data to your iOS, Android or Bluetooth wireless device
  • An Infrared Surface Thermometer is also available to take the temperature by just pointing it at the food without touching it

Humidity - Device is a battery powered, long range integrated sensor platform leveraging the benefits of LoRaWAN and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity. Enclosure is robust to serve many varied installation needs. It is especially suitable for Cold Chain Management and Food Safety, Agricultural Humidity and Environmental Monitoring, Industrial Heating and Cooling

  • Accuracy 4.5%
  • 3-5 Years Battery Life
  • Plug & Play
  • Wireless Connection
  • Energy Consumption
  • Multi-purpose and easy-to- use device that monitors, controls and reports power usage for appliances. It plugs into EU and US wall socket (230V/110V) and continuously measures active power and energy use.
  • Additional features for monitoring line quality and remote control (on/off) of remote appliances are also available on request.

Power Detector - Detector of 110/230V voltage run/failure, which can be connected directly to a wall plug, detects the presence of voltage which it signalizes by a relay output (galvanic insulated). 

  • 110 / 240 Volts
  • UK / EU / US Plug 
  • Plug & Play
  • Wireless Connection
  • CO2
  • The sensor is built to reliably measure CO2 levels in areas of relatively high gas concentration, it is battery powered and connects wirelessly to the KoolZone monitoring platform. 
  • The CO2 sensor itself is built on the Gas Sensing Systems device using a unique patented LED technology platform and optical designs. It’s this solid-state technology that enables best-in-class power consumption, lifetime and durability. 
  • It is especially suitable for a range of process control, and similar demanding application
  • Measurement range: 0-20%
  • 1-2 Years Battery Life

Pressure - This sensor has a wide range of industrial applications with high accuracy, ultra-low power and long-term durable performance in harsh environments. The KoolZone Pressure Monitor is designed to support outdoor applications and is suitable for liquids and gases compatible with SS316. It is a sealed gauge pressure sensor, which reads zero at 1 atmosphere.

It is especially suitable for Pump Performance Monitoring, Water Pipeline Pressure Monitoring, Pressurised System Monitoring, Chiller and Cooling System Monitoring Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems Monitoring Liquid Storage Level Monitoring, Spraying System Monitoring, Air Compressor Monitoring

  • Accuracy ±0.25 %Span
  • Plug & Play
  • Wireless Connection
  • Contact Switch - Digital Sensing
  • The sensor consists of two main parts, a magnet and a switch with terminals to connect the signal wires to the transmitter. The magnet mounts to a door or access panel, while the switch mounts to the frame.  Remotely check the door status through the web interface or use alarms to notify you if a door is open.

The App 

Our platform is where all data from sensors is collected in real time, accessible securely via any web browser from any device that is clearly presented and instantly understood. 

Alarm Notifications - Customized alerts warn you only when there is a problem. You define how and when you want to receive notifications, so you’ll know instantly, by phone call, SMS or email if values fall outside of a pre-defined range.

Maintain Quality - Through being informed at all times

Alarm escalation - Configurable alarms with multiple recipients and alarm acknowledgement / sharing

Reports & Charts - You can easily generate on-line reports and charts that help you to understand your asset behaviour and improve your asset efficiency.

Self-generated legally compliant reports save you time, minimise errors, and automatically document issues using intuitive menus.


  • Self-generated legally compliant reports
  • Selectable criteria
  • Pre-formatted template choices
  • Easily downloaded or printed


  • Time-based charts
  • Displaying every data point
  • Allowing investigation & pattern recognition
  • Predictive maintenance

KoolZone Showcase is a feature that allows you to create, within minutes a customised view of your system. Display any number of sensors on a backdrop of your choice chosen from a catalogue of options or from your own uploaded images.

You can even use Showcase as a customer facing screen to demonstrate commitment to the quality and safety of your products or to instantly manage alarms through single touch of the screen.


  • Manage your regular activities through our easy to use Activity Tracker. Defeine your own activity or choose from a pre-defined list activity e.g. Cleaning, Maintenance etc and set rolling reminders in days.
  • Receive reminders on any device, anywhere. All activities are date & timestamped within system once completed, with full audit log.

KoolZone contributes to reducing your operational costs and energy bills by optimizing set points and highlighting maintenance issues - An unhealthy fridge or freezer can consume up to 100% more electricity.

The History of Koolzone

KoolZone was founded in 2015 and is an innovation leader in wireless, cloud-based remote monitoring solutions. Our initial focus was to monitor refrigeration temperature in food production, catering hospitality, food retail and other food services. However, we quickly expanded our range of sensors to monitor other parameters across a wider range of sectors including Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Health Care, Agriculture, Warehouse & Transport, Housing & Care

KoolZone’s customers now range from small individual clients through to large multi-site and global businesses. We work hard to provide great service to our customers so that their experience is always good.

We continue to develop products that provide high quality, affordable solutions in an easy to implement, efficient and intuitive way.

We also recognise the need to offer integration of KoolZone with other Health & Safety or Business Systems and have provided this application interface to a number of complimentary systems for our customers and partners.

We have an absolute focus on sustainability and with the support of our EU Horizon 2020 grant we continue to develop low cost algorithms and methods to identify excess and unnecessary energy use.

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