GPE Scientific provides vital educational portable spectrometer to the University of Edinburgh; refining and improving undergraduate studies

GPE Scientific provided a 60 MHz NMReady benchtop spectrometer to the University of Edinburgh, designed for a three year University project: in order to refine and improve chemistry undergraduates studies in Chemical Sciences. There are many reasons why the NMReady spectrometer from Nanalysis would be used in teaching laboratories: it has many features, including, but not limited to; a cryogen free, persistent magnetic field, a simple to use LCD touch screen, optional kinetics capabilities for simple reaction monitoring and can perform routine NMR measurements effortlessly.

The NMReady has a market leading footprint, weighing only 24 kilos, making it lightweight and portable. The spectrometer’s performance is impressive; operating at 60 MHz (1.4T) the NMReady offers a 1.2Hz resolution (20 ppb) and a sensitivity of 40:1 SNR (single scan, 1% ethylbenzene). Networking and security has also been integrated, with a secure login and user profile, network printing and an export to shared folders application; important for on-site campus applications. For more information, please go to or contact [email protected]

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