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Asset Monitoring......the Logicall way

  • Real-time asset monitoring
  • Minimal installation, zero disruption
  • 20km Signal Range
  • Over 450 programmable sensors
  • Intelligent analytics software

Range of parameters
We are proud to offer the largest range of parameters on the market. Whether you want to monitor ultra-low temperature -80 cold storage, GPS location, occupancy of your organisation, flood detection, vibration, water flow, electricity usage and more. We have the software platform capable of offering key data insights for your organisation.

We are always looking for new ways to advance our IoT monitoring solution. Our current transmission infrastructure allows data to travel up to 20km. Meaning one centralised gateway can collate data from any sensor within your entire organisation. Whether it’s a hospital, supermarket, university or distribution centre, our solution will provide you with reliable, consistent and real time data around the clock.

Whether you need discrete and small or robust and industrial. Our platform allows users to easily add and configure new sensors to your account. With a gateway infrastructure installed sensors will effortlessly connect
to the nearest gateway, providing you with the accurate and uninterrupted data you need. 

Our gateways utilise a cellular network so no need for an IT connection. Our data roaming connectivity allows for data transmission anywhere, even remote or secure locations. Gateways ensure seamless transmission with
a backup power supply, and with the option to use in transit, we can monitor your entire cold chain from one dashboard.


Collating data from various locations to one dashboard has not always been easy, however the development of cloud based software allows us to integrate your sensor data onto our easy to use web application. We use AWS’s
secure network and host data indefinitely aiding with the compliance and performance analysis of your assets. 

At Logicall the safety and security of personal data is our priority. That’s why all of your data is end to end encrypted. The wireless communication between our sensors and the network is 2 way and personal data is kept
on a secure online server and accessible by only you. And best of all our solution requires no connection to your existing network.

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