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· Go from autoclave to microtube
· Available in three lengths and with semi or needle points
· Non-sterile, meet FDA requirements for food
· 100% USA grown White Birch
· Environmentally friendly – naturally biodegradable

Made in a USA, ISO and FDA registered facility, wooden inoculation picks provide a faster way to inoculate. It’s simple, after autoclaving, just “pick” the colony, drop the wooden pick into your media and close the lid. No need to remove the pick. Available in three convenient sizes to accommodate various transfer, inoculation and streaking needs.
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Product Code Product NameOD x Length (cm)Package Size Quote Basket
CLS-3670-110 Large Needle Point0.3175 x 15.25500
CLS-3670-100 Mini Semi Point fits 1.5ml Tubes0.254 x 3.252000
CLS-3670-102 Mini Needle Point fits 1.5ml Tubes0.254 x 3.252000
CLS-3670-104 Standard Semi Point0.254 x 6.351600
CLS-3670-106 Standard Needle Point0.254 x 6.351600
CLS-3670-108 Large, Semi Point0.3175 x 15.24500
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