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Glass Tube Only 18 x 150mm



Chemglass Life Sciences’ “Balch-type” tubes are modified versions of screw thread Hungate tubes. They feature component parts designed and engineered to maximize the effective seal between the walls of the tubes and the stoppers, providing a gas-tight seal for improved stability. The special formulation of our blue, chlorobutyl rubber stoppers are heavier than septa and more capable of withstanding repeated piercings with syringes.


 A visibly crimped aluminium seal is also more secure than a screw thread cap that may or may not have been tightened completely. Disposable glass tubes measure 18 x 150mm and are made from Type I, Class B borosilicate glass. Complete item consists of 100 each of disposable glass tubes, blue chlorobutyl stoppers and aluminium seals. 


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Product Code Item DescriptionPQ Basket
CLS-4209-10 Tube Only, Anaerobic, 18 x 150mm100
CLS-4209-12 Aluminum Seal Only, 20mm100
CLS-4209-14 Stopper Only, Blue Butyl Rubber, 20mm100
CG-4930-20 Crimper, Hand Operated, 20mmEACH
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