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Petri Dishes, Non-Treated Sterile with Gripping Rings CG

Petri Dishes, Non-Treated Sterile with Gripping Rings 

Dishes are manufactured from virgin polystyrene. The surface is not tissue culture treated but is hydrophobic and does not facilitate cell attachment. The rim of the top mates with the dish bottom edge for easy and secure stacking. Sterilized by gamma irradiation. Certified non-pyrogenic. Packaged in durable, zip, re-sealable, self-standing plastic bags that allow the dishes to remain upright and reduce contamination.

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Product Code Size (mm)Working Volume (ml)Pack SizeCase QuantityCell Growth Area (cm2) Basket
CLS-1802-060 60 x 157 to 810/Bag50021
CLS-1802-001 100 x 1515-1610/Bag50055
CLS-1802-003 100 x 2015-1610/Bag30055
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