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Petri Dishes, Non-Treated, Sterile with Compartments

Petri Dishes, Non-Treated, Sterile with Compartments

These non-treated polystyrene plates are transparent and DNase/RNase-Free. The bottom has a ridge allowing for easy handling and stacking. The plate has three vents for gas exchange and compartments for bacterial culture use with different media under the same conditions. Sold 20 per sleeve. Larger case quantities of 500 available, please contact us for details.

· High clarity polystyrene

· Flat, transparent surface

· Stackable for easy storage and handling

· Sterilized by E-Beam

· Non-pyrogenic

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Product Code SpecificationPack Size Basket
CLS-1804-02 Petri Dish, 2 Compartments, Non-Treated, Sterile20
CLS-1804-03 Petri Dish, 3 Compartments, Non-Treated, Sterile20
CLS-1804-04 Petri Dish, 4 Compartments, Non-Treated, Sterile20
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