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49 Position Tilting Rack for 50ml Bio-Reaction Tubes



Our unique 49 position shaker rack for the 50mL Bio-Reaction tubes is an ideal platform for high throughput experiments for screening and process optimization. The rack allows the tubes to be placed at an optimum angle (up to 30°) for both oxygenation and finding the correct fluid motion, eliminating the need for excess agitation. The silicone insert secures the tubes in the rack and prevents damage to the tubes and rotational slippage.


The rack is supplied with four attached pegs which fit directly into the top of our CLS-4021-100 Orbital shaker. Rack can also be used with other orbital shakers by using our CLS-4008-T03 double faced tape.



• Stainless Steel Construction

• Angle Adjustment of up to 30°

 • Silicone Gasket Holds Tube Securely

 • Can be used with Skirted or Standard Tubes

• Fits All Shakers with a top plate of at least 14” x 14 


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CLS-4285-R1 49 Position Tilting Rack for 50ml Bio-Reaction Tubes
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