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Spinner Flask, Water Jacketed, Bioprocess Complete



Water jacketed, flat bottomed spinner flasks consist of a water jacketed spinner flask, manufactured from Type 1 Class A borosilicate glass, and a microcarrier style impeller with glass shaft that extends through the cap and PTFE paddle. Flasks are typically used with a circulating water bath. Jacket volumes are approximate and flasks are not graduated.


Replacement Components:


 • The impeller assembly consists of the lower magnetic stir bar, impeller blade and blade holder. 

• The replacement shaft is the glass portion only.

 • The cap assembly consists of the corresponding screw cap, liner and compression fitting.    


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Product Code Capacity (ML)Center Neck SizeSidearm SizeFlask OD x OAH (mm)Jacket Volume (ml) Basket
CLS-1430-J100 10070GL-3275 x 16075
CLS-1430-J250 25070GL-3285 x 200175
CLS-1430-J500 50070GL-45110 x 200260
CLS-1430-J1L 1000100GL-45150 x 255875
CLS-1430-J3L 3000100GL-45200 x 3301300
CLS-1430-J6L 6000100GL-46200 x 4453700
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