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The Oxyferm FDA is an electrochemical oxygen sensor suited for applications with high demands for hygiene, e.g. in pharmaceutical industry, in biotechnology and in foods and beverages production. When using Oxylyte USD electrolyte, even upside-down insertion is possible. The sensor is equipped with a FDA approved membrane for usage in hygienic processes.


 Electrode System: Silver Platinum Combination

Polarization: 670mV ± 50mV

Output: 40 to 80nA in Air at 25°C

Temperature: 0-130°C, Sterilization to 130°C

Drift at Room Temp under Constant Conditions: <1% per Week

Stabilization Time: <2 Hours

 Pressure: 0-4 Bar

Wetted Materials: Stainless Steel 1.4435, EPDM and Silicone with FDA Approval

Mounting: PG 13.5 Thread

 Electrical Connector: Standard 4 Pole T 82/D4  


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CLS-1435-D90 Cathode Assembly for OxyFerm DO Sensors
CLS-1435-D91 Electrolyte for OxyFerm FDA Sensors 50ml
CLS-1435-D92 Protective Cap for T82 DO sensor Autoclaving
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