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Base Unit Features
• Adjustable tray angle
• Variable speed rocking
• Quiet operation
• Optional vent heater
• Two-year warranty

Tray Features
• 22 and 50 liter tray sizes
• Stainless steel construction
• Easy bag installation
• Includes heater and thermocouple

New CHEMcell Modular Benchtop Bioreactor System consists of a heavy-duty base unit and a choice of stainless steel rocker trays. Engineered for durability, it can be used in both research and development as well as production environments. The smooth rocking motion provides gentle, efficient mixing and gas transfer. Designed for optimal performance with Chemglass 8-port and 6-port cell culture bags but easily accepts other manufacturers’ bags having the same dimensions. The optional bag and vent heater, made for use with both size trays, keeps vent filters free of harmful condensation that can clog filters and compromise cultures.

  CHEMcell Base 20 Liter Tray 50 Liter Tray
Weight (lbs) 45 22 34
Dimensions (in) 19.5 x 16.6 x 6.5 21 x 27 x 2.5 27 x 30 x 2.5
Dimensions (cm) 49.53 x 42.16 x 16.51 53.35 x 68.58 x 6.35 68.58 x 76.20 x 6.35
Rocking Rate (per min) 2-40 - -
Rocking Angle(°) 2-12 - -
Electrical 110-120V, 480W - -
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Product Code Item DescriptionPQ Basket
CLS-1200-100 CHEMcell® Rocker BioReactor, Base ONLYEach
CLS-1200-250 CHEMcell® Rocker Tray, 10-20 Litre, Complete with Heater and PT1000 ThermocoupleEach
CLS-1200-300 CHEMcell® Rocker Tray, 20-50 Litre, Complete with Heater and PT1000 ThermocoupleEach
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