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Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are available in a choice of two different styles. The cold finger style is for use with 3 and 5 litre reactors and fits into the head plate via an M18 threaded port. The second style is a loop type exchanger and is available for 5 - 15 litre reactors. It fits into two, M10 ports of the head plate.

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Product Code Fits Reactor (L)Replacement Silicone O-RingExchanger Style Quote Basket
CLS-1380-28 3 to 5CLS-1705-20X2Cold Finger
CLS-1382-11 5CLS-1705-85x25Loop
CLS-1383-12 7CLS-1705-85x25Loop
CLS-1385-16 15CLS-1705-85x25Loop
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