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Graphite Paddles with Long Wooden Handles

High quality graphite paddles with longer solid oak wooden handle, making it perfect for lathe use. Features a strong and solid point of attachment and a high grade of graphite for extended life. Handles are 15 1/2" from where the connect to the graphite to the tip of the wood. The diameter of the wood is 7/8" (22mm).
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Product Code Specification Basket
99-1255 3" x 4" w/ 19" Overall Length with handle
99-1256 2" x 6" w/ 21" Overall Length with handle
99-1257 4" x 6" w/ 21" Overall Length with handle
99-1258 6" x 8" w/ 23" Overall Length with handle
Additional Item: 99-1261 Replacement Graphite Only 3" x 4"
Additional Item: 99-1266 Replacement Graphite Only 2" x 6"
Additional Item: 99-1262 Replacement Graphite Only 4" x 6"
Additional Item: 99-1267 Replacement Graphite Only 6" x 8"
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