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Minor Bench Burner

The Minor Bench Burner is the ultimate burner for working with Moretti – Effetre soft glass used in Bead making and Marble making.  The Minor Bench Burner is a stainless steel burner that supplies surface mix flames up to ¾" diameter. The Minor is the same as the small burner mounted on the #923 Red Max Bench Burner.

Check out the Mega Minor for a more powerful flame!


• Graphite Top Mount is sold separately

• .25 to 5 psi of Gas and 5 to 15 PSI of Oxygen

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Product Code Description Basket
930 Minor Bench Burner
40-0930 Graphite top mount 2" x 3"
20-1381 Hose 1/4" I.D. - 12 Ft. - B Fitting on one end
611-540 Regulator - Oxygen 0 - 60 PSI
613-510 Regulator - Propane 0 - 30 PSI
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