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J Young® PTFE High Vacuum Screw Cap Joints

Our PTFE High Vacuum Screw Cap Joints have been made to enable you to connect the various designs of J Young Stopcock sizes POR/5 and POR/8 without glassblowing. The stopcock arm is held rigid but can be adjusted by loosening the screw cap. Each screwthread is supplied with glass insert tubing, PTFE Insert and screw cap. For example, DSY/4/2 is supplied with 4 screw caps, 4 inserts and 4 insert tubes.

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Product Code Thread Size (mm)Tubing ID (mm)Tubing OD (mm)PTFE Insert Bore (mm) Basket
DSY/0/1 13mm5mm8mm8mm
DSY/00/1 13mm5mm8mm8mm
DSY/1/1 13mm5mm8mm8mm
DSY/2/1 13mm5mm8mm8mm
DSY/3/1 13mm5mm8mm8mm
DSY/4/1 13mm5mm8mm8mm
DSY/0/2 19mm8mm11mm11mm
DSY/00/2 19mm8mm11mm11mm
DSY/1/2 19mm8mm11mm11mm
DSY/2/2 19mm8mm11mm11mm
DSY/3/2 19mm8mm11mm11mm
DSY/4/2 19mm8mm11mm11mm
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