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J Young® Greaseless Conical Joints & O-Ring Tapered Joints

Greaseless Conical Joints consist of a clear glass cone fitted with a Viton O-Ring and a clear glass socket. Vacuum 10-6 Torr. Order separately.

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Product Code JointJoint Size Basket
ORB/10 ConeB10
ORB/14 ConeB14
ORB/19 ConeB19
ORB/24 ConeB24
ORB/29 ConeB29
ORB/34 ConeB34
ORS/10 SocketB10
ORS/14 SocketB14
ORS/19 SocketB19
ORS/24 SocketB24
ORS/29 SocketB29
ORS/34 SocketB34
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