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J Young® Double Oblique Taps

J Young Double Oblique taps are made in various Stopcock Sizes and thread types. These can be custom adapted to meet your needs and are also available with glass pistons.

We have introduced a NEW High Performance (HP) range, an improvement in design allows for the following:

  • New robust design
  • Improved interchangeability
  • Reinforced sealing area
  • For more demanding applications
  • Available in both fine and fast thread
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Product Code Stopcock Size (mm)Side Arm ID (mm)Side Arm OD (mm)Thread Type Basket
POR/D/1 11.17Fine
POR/D/2 22.27Fine
POR/D/3 339Fine
POR/D/4 447Fine
POR/D/5 558Fine
POR/D/6 669Fine
POR/D/8 8811Fine
POR/D/10 101013Fine
POR/D/15 1515.419Fine
POR/D/20 201924Fine
POR/D/25 252428Fine
PTT/D/1 11.17Fast
PTT/D/2 22.27Fast
PTT/D/3 339Fast
PTT/D/4 447Fast
PTT/D/5 558Fast
PTT/D/6 669Fast
PTT/D/8 8811Fast
PTT/D/10 101013Fast
POR/D/1/HP 11.17Fine
POR/D/2/HP 22.27Fine
POR/D/3/HP 339Fine
POR/D/4/HP 447Fine
POR/D/5/HP 558Fine
POR/D/6/HP 669Fine
POR/D/8/HP 8811Fine
POR/D/10/HP 101013Fine
PTT/D/1/HP 11.17Fast
PTT/D/2/HP 22.27Fast
PTT/D/3/HP 339Fast
PTT/D/4/HP 447Fast
PTT/D/5/HP 558Fast
PTT/D/6/HP 669Fast
PTT/D/8/HP 8811Fast
PTT/D/10/HP 101013Fast
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