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Nuboid Wax

Nuboid Waxes are high temperature lubricants for glass manufacturers and glassblowers. The wax contains a specially selected grade of colloidal graphite and an agent which imports wetting and penetrating powers. They are all of high melting point and therefore do not soften until actually applied, they are also clean to use and reduce wastage to a minimum.The wax is designed for glassworking mould treatment and mould storage, automatic glass production, high temperature lubrication of rollers, shears and dies and for standard glassblowing. All Nuboid Wax packs are supplied in packs of 10.

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Product Code GradeSize Basket
70204 Grade F100 x 11mm
70205 Grade F75 x 28mm
70206 Grade F50 x 35mm
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