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Universal Hand Torch

The Universal Hand Torch is manufactured of brass with chrome plating for the nozzle, feed tubes, and valve body. Red and green anodized aluminium valve handles are standard. The mixing of gases takes place inside the torch body, enhanced by the carburettor unit. The Universal is balanced to allow a comfortable grip and still afford ease of movement. Carlisle also offers the option of an ergonomic wooden handle that encases the feed tubes. The Universal Hand Torch can be used with natural gas, propane, or mixed gas and air or oxygen.

The torch is available with either a 1/4" Nozzle (1/4"- 28M thread) or a 3/8" Nozzle (3/8"-32M thread), which are interchangeable. Both can be used with gas/ oxygen or gas/air. These two nozzles will utilize different carburettors. The 1/4" Nozzle uses the #74 Carburettor and the 3/8" Nozzle uses the #34 Carburettor.

Also available is the Universal Shorty Torch with shorter feed tubes and a shorter non-angled nozzle. It allows for a suitable mount for repetitive bench work. It is commonly used with a gas/air fishtail for lipstick flaming.
The Universal Bench Stand is an additional option. This allows the Universal Hand Torch to be set into a clamp that holds the torch by the feed tubes and at an angle so that the Hand Torch may be used as a bench burner. The clamp arm has versatile articulation for effective positioning of the torch. The lightweight Bench Stand should be secured to the bench top.
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