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BIOSAFE® Smart Cryocoolers

The BIOSAFE® Cryocooler from Cryotherm has long been a byword for quality and safety.

Experience, technology and our know-how make your decision for the cryocooler BIOSAFE® easy.

With various sizes and designs of BIOSAFE®, CRYOTHERM offers the complete solution for all cryopreservation tasks.

Cryopreservation of cryogenic liquid nitrogen is proven practice in science, research, medicine, environmental research and technology. The safe cold down to -190 °C in the gas phase and the inert atmosphere enable optimum freezing and storage of valuable medical and biological samples and materials.

With different sizes and designs of the Cryotherm BIOSAFE®, supplemented by a wide range of accessories, CRYOTHERM offers the complete solution for your cryopreservation tasks:

  • controlled and programmed freezing of your samples in freezers
  • Administration and backup of your sample data by the sample management system
  • supply system for the cryogenic liquefied nitrogen via APOLLO®-supply tanks, optimised to your requirements
  • or directly supplied from a super insulated transfer line
  • the orderly, safe packaging and classification of the samples using the BIOSAFE® classification system
  • Remote monitoring of your samples by the remote monitoring system CRYO-MESSENGER®

*applies to BIOSAFE® 220/420

Full Technical Specifications can be found in the downloads section below.

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Product Code Product Name2 ml ampoules in drawers (Ø 12mm)2 ml ampoules in cryoboxes (Ø 12mm)5 ml ampoules in drawers (Ø 12mm)freezer bag (50ml) Baxter 4R9951/Miltenyi AND 2ml ampoules (Ø 12mm) in drawersfreezer bags (500ml) Baxter 4R9955/Miltenyi AND 2ml ampoules (Ø 12mm) in drawersfreezer bags (500ml) Hempfreeze/Gambro Z2003 AND 2ml ampoules (Ø 12mm) in drawers Basket
78221879 BIOSAFE® 120675070003375288/ - 144/50075/750
78221882 BIOSAFE® 22013000130006500512/ -240/1500150/500
78221885 BIOSAFE® 420231002175011550832/1500480/500270/500
78221888 BIOSAFE® 500262602275012120on request/ - 480/ - on request/ -
78223145 BIOSAFE® 80043120 - - on requeston requeston request
78221600 BIOSAFE® 2400120000 - - on requeston requeston request
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