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SF-10 Reagent Pump

The SF-10 is a versatile laboratory pump designed for use in applications ranging from dosing reagents and gases to operation as a laboratory pump pressure regulator.

Features of the SF-10 reagent pump include:

  • Self priming laboratory pump

  • High level of chemical compatibility

  • 0.02 mL/min to 10 mL/min

  • Pump up to 10 bar pressure

  • Pump solutions, suspensions, light slurries and gases

  • Pressure measurement and indication

  • User selectable over-pressure trip

  • Variety of electrical interfaces providing versatile options for external control

Operating modes:

  • Constant flow rate

  • Ramping flowrate

  • Volume dosing

  • Pressure controller

  • Gas delivery

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Product Code Item Description Basket
50-1345 SF-10 reagent pump kit
50-1510 Solvent/reagent add on kit for SF-10 pump
50-1511 Solvent/reagent tray for SF-10 pump
50-1512 Solvent/reagent tubing kit for SF-10 pump
50-1513 Viscous solvent kit for SF-10 pump
50-1300 SF-10 pump tube replacement, RED
50-1301 SF-10 pump tube replacement, BLUE
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