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Rotary vane pump RZ 6 +FO +VS 16

RZ 6 +FO +VS 16

These powerful rotary vane pumps feature a particularly compact design and low weight for pumps of this capacity. They are the ideal solution for a wide range of laboratory and process applications that require low ultimate vacuum at medium to increased gas flow rate. The PC 3 rotary vane pumping unit, with GKF 1000i cold trap at the inlet, helps the pump to handle large amounts of condensable vapors. The PC 3 pumping unit is compact, user-friendly and well-arranged, with an oil mist filter at the outlet, a valve and a T-connection for a gauge. Various packages including pump, oil mist filter, etc. are available.

Performance features
  • high flow rates even at vacuum levels approaching ultimate vacuum
  • high water vapor tolerance due to efficient gas ballast; very good ultimate vacuum even with gas ballast
  • vacuum-tight at switch-off; external anti-suckback valve not needed
  • large oil volume: Long intervals between oil changes
  • ease of maintenance due to telescopic design
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