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DM0636 Multi-Purpose Clinical Centrifuge

DM0636 Multi-Purpose Clinical Centrifuge:

The DM0636 Multi-Purpose Clinical Centrifuge is ideal for the centrifugation of samples in clinical chemistry, cytology, research laboratories, industrial laboratories, etc.
Swing-out rotors and adapters are used for standard tubes up to 100mL at low speeds. This centrifuge can be used for tubes with a screw cap, blood collection tubes or urine tubes.


• Speed can be set from 300 rpm to a max. of 6000 rpm
• Maximum capacity: 100 mL x4
• 9 Acceleration/10 Brake speed settings to ensure accurate sample separation
• Swing-out and fixed rotor options
• Vast range of accessories
• Automatic rotor identification
• Timer can be set for up to 99 minutes or hold for continuous operation
• Quiet operation
• Brushless DC motor is clean, maintenance free and safe. It is quick and effortlessly accelerates


• Speed range [rpm] - 300 - 6000
• Speed accuracy [rpm] - ±20
• Max. RCF[×g] - 4170
• Speed/rcf Switch - Yes
• Run Time - 1min - 99min - or press HOLD (continuous operation)
• Display - LCD
• Programs - 9
• Rotor Identification - Yes
• Accel/braking ramps - 9↑/10↓
• Driving Motor - Brushless DC motor
• Safety Devices - Door protection, maximum speed controls, maximum heat detection
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DM0636 Multi Purpose Clinical Centrifuge
S4-100 100mL×4, Swing-out rotor, stainless body and stainless tubes Major application: Clinical application, large particles, cells and cell debris Max speed: 4000rpm, Max Rcf: 2830×g.
30-15 15mL×30, Fix angle rotor, aluminum body and stainless tubes. Major application: Clinical application, large particles, cells and cell debris Max speed: 5000rpm, Max Rcf: 3300×g.
AS8-50V 50mL×8, Fix angle rotor, aluminum. Major application: Clinical application Max speed: 6000rpm; Max Rcf: 4610×g.
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