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MicroPette Pipettor Autoclavable 12 Channel Adjustable Volume

MicroPette™ 12 Channel Pipettor Features: 
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Clear digital display
  • Staggered tip ejector for easy tip ejection
  • Head rotates 360° for user comfort
  • Easy to calibrate with tool included
  • Used with 'universal' pipette tips
  • Individual piston and tip cone assemblies allow easy repair and maintenance
  •  Compound material tip cone design allows visual seal verification

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Product Code Volume RangeIncrementsTest Volume(ul)Accuracy(±%)Precision(±%)Description Basket
71311304 0.5-10ul0.1ul10ul/5ul/1ul1.50/2.50/4.001.50/2.50/4.00MicroPette™ 12-Channel Pipettors
71311306 5-50ul 0.5ul50ul/25ul/5ul1.00/1.50/3.000.50/1.00/2.00MicroPette™ 12-Channel Pipettors
71311312 50-300ul5ul 300ul/150ul/50ul0.70/1.00/1.500.25/0.50/0.80 MicroPette™ 12-Channel Pipettors
71000084 -----MicroPette™ 12-Channel Pipettors Accessories - Carousel Pipettor Stand, holds 6 MicroPette Pipettors (single-channel or multi-channel)
71000085 -----MicroPette™ 12-Channel Pipettors Accessories - Linear Pipettor Stand, holds 6 MicroPette Pipettors (single-channel or multi-channel)
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