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RX-10 Reactor Control

Enhance the Jacketed Lab Reactor

Jacketed lab reactors are essential and flexible tools applied in research, small scale production and scale-up in chemical and pharmaceutical development labs.  RX-10 provides an interface connecting any types and volumes of jacketed reactors to cryostats, thermostats, stirrer motors, and sensors. This allows researchers to precisely control and monitor chemical reactions and processes in the lab or kilo lab environment

The intuitive touchscreen automates the most commonly used unit operations, such as heating, cooling, dosing, pH measurement, and sampling.

For more demanding processes, control capabilities can be extended using the computer-based iControl software which offers programmable reaction sequences including parallel parameter control. This facilitates process scale-down/scale-up with realistic conditions, remote monitoring, reporting, and seamless integration with Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tools.

By offering repeatable controlled conditions for  dosing, pH, or temperature profiles, RX-10 enables improvements in yield, selectivity, and product quality.

Reactor automation and data capture with RX-10 allows scientists and engineers to perform more successful experiments, make informed decisions faster, and increase productivity.

RX-10 Reactor Control - Enhance Jacketed Lab Reactor

Specifications - RX-10 Reactor Control

Supported Thermostats Huber, Julabo models with RS232 port
Supported Stirrer Motors IKA, Heidolph, JKEM models with RS232 port
SmartConnect port Pt100, -10 to 10V, 0 to 20mA
Dimensions (LxWxH) 70 mm x 152 mm x 215 mm
Weight 2.88 kg
Material Number(s) 30217050, 30208790


  • Set-up – Connect – Get Started
    RX-10 is designed for plug and play operation and facilitates connecting third party accessories such as: cryostats, stirring equipment, sensors, dosing, or sampling units quickly and without configuration
  • Automation Without PC
    A single, state-of-the-art touchscreen interface provides a consistent platform to control lab reactors, thermostats, cryostats, stirrers, and dosing devices
  • Unattended Operation
    Single tasks, task sequences, or even entire recipes can be pre-programmed and run unattended twenty four hours a day by the touchscreen or iControl software.
  • SmartConnectTM Technology
    Sensors and probes used in Jacketed Lab Reactors are equipped with SmartConnect Technology storing sensor specific information and making them plug-and-play. Existing sensors such as temperature probes, mass-flow sensors, and pressure sensors can be retrofitted for use with SmartConnect.
  • Data Management
    All process data is collected, processed, and securely stored to ensure no lost information.  Optional iC Data Center software guarantees that 100% of the captured data is stored in a safe place – automatically and without adding additional burdens to scientists. The reporting functionality prepares the data and automatically creates comprehensive reports.
  • Advanced Applications
    For applications that require more advanced controls, sophisticated recipes, or inline analytics, iControl software provides additional capabilities
  • Cost-Effective
    The single touchscreen interface provides a consistent control platform across all laboratory reactors. Operating with one interface allows scientists to consistently control reactors on any scale from milliliters to multi-liter scale reducing human errors and training costs.
  • Personal Safety
    Inherent emergency programs protect the researchers and the lab around the clock in case of an unexpected event or system failure. 
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Product Code Supported ThermostatsSupported Stirrer MotorsSmartConnect portDimensions (LxWxH)WeightPower Requirements Basket
RX-10 Huber, Julabo models with RS232 portIKA, Heidolph, JKEM models with RS232 portPt100, -10 to 10V, 0 to 20mA70 mm x 152 mm x 215 mm2.88 kg100 – 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
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