RX-10 Reactor Control

Control and Record All Reaction Parameters - 24 Hours a Day

Synthesis Reactors and Automated Lab Reactors provide an innovative platform for chemical synthesis, development and the kilo lab.

These chemical synthesis and process development tools open new possibilities to discover synthetic pathways, explore conditions, and optimize reaction parameters.

Depending on the operating volume and the goal of the investigation, researchers choose between different versions of synthesis reactors or automated lab reactor control.

Customizable, application-specific tools and workstations range from entry level to advanced.

Existing synthesis reactor systems and lab reactors, including common jacketed lab reactors, can be upgraded to offer additional functionality, control capabilities and smart data management.

  • Commonly used unit operations, such as heating, cooling, dosing, pH measurement, and sampling can all benefit from process automation.

  • Offering repeatable controlled conditions for dosing, pH, or temperature profiles, enabling improvements in yield, selectivity, and product quality.

  • Reactor automation and data capture allows scientists and engineers to perform more successful experiments, make informed decisions faster, and increase productivity.


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