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Screw-Cap NMR Tubes

Convenient screw cap access with the security of a fluoropolymer seal. Supplied with open top cap & fluoropolymer / silicone septum for quick and clean access with a 22 gauge standard point needle. You can also purchase Screw Cap NMR Tube Caps separately.
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Product Code MHzODLength Basket
S-5-300-SC-7 300 MHz5 O.D (mm)7 Length (inches)
S-5-300-SC-8 300 MHz5 O.D (mm)8 Length (inches)
S-5-400-SC-7 400 MHz5 O.D (mm)7 Length (inches)
S-5-400-SC-8 400 MHz5 O.D (mm)8 Length (inches)
S-5-600-SC-7 600 MHz5 O.D (mm)7 Length (inches)
S-5-600-SC-8 600 MHz5 O.D (mm)8 Length (inches)
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