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Polypropylene Syringes

Our polypropylene syringes are manufactured only from high purity, laboratory grade polypropylene and polyethylene resins, containing no rubber or styrene parts, or silicone oil lubricants. The polypropylene barrel and the polyethylene plunger - the two components of the syringe assembly - are made as unitary pieces from materials that are very inert and unreactive towards most laboratory solvents and chemicals, making these syringes very suitable for measuring, adding or transferring deuterated NMR solvents and sample solutions, chromatography solvents and fractions, aqueous analytical samples of all kinds and most other general laboratory uses.
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Product Code SpecificationPack Size Basket
SR100 1ml with 0.01ml graduationsPack Size - 100
SR300 3ml with 0.1ml graduationsPack Size - 100
SR500 5ml with 0.5ml graduationsPack Size - 100
SR1000 10ml with 0.5ml graduationsPack Size - 100
NDL22 hypodermic needle for use with disposable syringesPack Size - 100
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