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Advance to the next level of sample security, personnel safety and time savings. Combine Norell NorLoc™ caps with Norell NMR tubes and experience the ultimate sample containment system!

The standard NMR tube cap design has existed for decades. Many users can attest to the significant flaws inherent in the traditional NMR tube cap, especially when faced with the chore of capping numerous sample tubes.

The Next Generation of Norell NorLoc™ NMR tube caps features a patented design that not only addresses many of the flaws in the traditional NMR tube cap, but the superior design of the NorLoc™ cap introduces many substantial improvements as well.

The patented NorLoc™ cap can be applied much more easily and quickly, thereby increasing personal safety and saving valuable time. It incorporates an advanced seal design, conferring superior holding and sealing capabilities. The superior retention of the cap to the tube forms a “vaulted seal” that safeguards precious or critical samples, even during refrigerated cold storage and variable temperature cycling and withstands repeated removals and reapplications.†

The patented NorLoc™ design includes an expanded entryway, or guide portion, at the opening of the cap, to help align and start the placement of the cap on the tube. Adjacent to this, a constriction within the cap forms a tight, effective seal against the wall of the NMR tube. Finally, the innermost region expands slightly in diameter, allowing the tube to slip easily through to the end, creating a positive indication of proper placement and “lock”, ensuring a “vaulted seal” every time.

When preparing dozens, or even hundreds, of samples for analysis, tube capping can consume a significant amount of time. The traditional cap must first be held at an angle to the tube mouth to start placement of the cap, and then must be stretched and twisted onto the tube. This becomes a tedious exercise after capping a few dozen tubes, and often results in caps that are tilted and misshapen afterwards, promoting poor seals and split caps. This process also creates significant mechanical stress in the glass NMR tube, and can frequently lead to broken tubes, spilled sample and worse, including cuts and injuries.

With the patented NorLoc™ cap however, the tube easily enters the expanded guide section, and then becomes self-aligning, whereupon the cap can simply be pushed straight onto the tube. This method takes advantage of the compressive strength of glass, while minimizing the common causes of glass fracture from radial and torsional stresses induced in the glass from stretching and twisting traditional caps on the NMR tube at an angle.

Proper closure, with a “vaulted seal”, can be felt as the tube reaches the fully “locked” depth in the cap, ensuring precise, uniform positioning and seal integrity, safeguarding critical and precious samples against losses caused by evaporation, contamination or degradation due to atmospheric exposure.

† Important Notice: When using NorLoc™ caps on samples containing chlorinated solvents such as chloroform or dichloromethane (methylene chloride) and, to a lesser extent, acetone, we highly recommend discarding the caps after a one-time use if an automated system, such as the Bruker SampleJet, transfers the samples by means of the cap only, or if sample introduction and removal from the NMR probe depends solely on the cap. This notice does not apply to samples held and transferred by conventional spinner turbines.

Chloroform, in particular, permeates into the polyethylene material of the NorLoc™ cap, causing expansion and reduced retention of the cap to the NMR tube. In this case, we recommend completing automated analyses as soon as possible, but within 6 hours, before significant permeation and cap loosening can occur.

If the analyses cannot be completed within the above time, please remove the solvent exposed caps and replace with new NorLoc™ caps before processing through automated sample handling systems.
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Product Code Cap TypeCap ColourSizePack Size Basket
SVCP-NORLOC-3 Closed PortRed3mm96
SVOP-NORLOC-3 Open PortWhite3mm96
SVCP-NORLOC-5 Closed PortRed5mm96
SVOP-NORLOC-5 Open PortWhite5mm96
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