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Liebherr Freezers

Perfect technology for even greater safety

To optimally and safely store sensitive substances, such as antibodies and cell cultures, Liebherr laboratory appliances have precise electronic controls and integrated alarm systems. In appliances with Profi electronics, 3-point calibration allows highly accurate temperature control. All appliances comply with the NF X 15-140 standard, with regard to maximum temperature stability and consistency.

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Product Code Gross Capacity (Litre)External Dimensions (CM)Energy Consumption (24hrs) Basket
LCexv 4010 361200x60x61.51.800 kWh / 24h
LCv 4010 MediLine 361200x60x61.51.800 kWh / 24h
LGex 3410 MediLine 310184x60x61.51.309 kWh / 24h
LGPv 1420 MediLine 1427215x143x838.887 kWh / 24h
LGPv 6520 MediLine 601215x70x834.715 kWh / 24h
LGPv 8420 MediLine 856215x79x985.500 kWh / 24h
LGT 2325 21591.9x113.2x762.256 kWh / 24h
LGT 3725 36591.9x137.3x80.82.928 kWh / 24h
LGT 4725 45991.9x164.8x80.84.352 kWh / 24h
LGUex 1500 MediLine 13982x60x61.50.926 kWh / 24h
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