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Dounce Tissue Grinders

All-glass Dounce tissue grinders are designed for fine particle size reductions without damage to cell nuclei. Supplied with two interchangeable pestles ground and polished to 'large' and 'small' clearances for use in the same tube. Large pestle used for sample preparation. Tight pestle for final homogenate. Supplied 2 sets per pack.

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Product Code Capacity ChamberClearance Clearance MortarPackPestle Basket
20901 Capacity - 1mlChamber Length - 48mmClearance - Large 0.025mmClearance - Small 0.05mmMortar OD - 11.9mmPack Size -2Pestle Diameter - 7.5mm
20902 Capacity - 7mlChamber Length - 82mmClearance - Large 0.040 mmClearance - Small 0.07mmMortar OD - 16.6mmPack Size -2Pestle Diameter - 13mm
20903 Capacity - 15mlChamber Length - 94mmClearance - Large 0.045mmClearance - Small 0.07mmMortar OD - 18.6mmPack Size -2Pestle Diameter - 15mm
20904 Capacity - 40mlChamber Length - 140mmClearance - Large 0.055mmClearance - Small 0.11mmMortar OD - 30.6mmPack Size -2Pestle Diameter - 25mm
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